Early Infant Diagnosis (EID)/ Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing Results Transfer By Use of SMS Printers
Roll out of SMS printers in partnership with National AIDS and STI Control Program (NASCOP) and Clinton Health Access Initiatives (CHAI) to reduce turnaround times for transmission of lab results from specimen collection to reaching the clinic.


Increase coverage and comprehensive functionality of the use of the system

Measure Outcome

– Complete evaluation of the SMS printers project
– Peer review report
– Reduce turnaround time
– Extension of system to transmit Viral Loads, CD4 counts and TB test results
– Tested programs with better linkage to infant ARV treatment.


  •  nonfunctional printers recalled from the facilities.
  • conducted database clean up to update the current list of facilities receiving EID and VL results using SMS printers.
  • Quarterly analysis of the logs to determine active and inactive SMS printers for targeted trouble shooting.
  • 313 printers deployed with 338 facilities accessing printers (some facilities share printers).
  • 246 facilities receiving viral load. 32,514 viral load results sent.
  • 301 facilities receiving EID results. 8,825 EID results sent.

1 Health facility follow-up through phone calls to identify troubleshooting issues. Calls made and analysis report prepared and submitted to CDC.
2 Continuous technical and helpdesk support to facilities with SMS printers. Ongoing.
3 Provision of Supplies and communication. Ongoing.
4 Maintenance and support. Ongoing.

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