For a long time linkage to care and treatment provided to the key population (KP) has faced several challenges that have impacted both the efficacy of care and the accuracy of reporting. Several ministry of health (MOH) partners and CDC implementers support clinics have had challenges in patient follow up and tracking, brought about due to stigma around KP results in client using multiple identities to avoid being known and visitation to several clinics for treatment, resulting in incomplete care and data on patients. To help provide a remedy, there was a need to develop a platform for KP, to help in the unique Identification Management and Centralized Monitoring and Evaluation Data Collection portal.


Increase coverage to recruit more KPs and improve functionality to cover other KPs

Measure Outcome

– Uniquely identify KP clients from any partner’s centers.
– Real time reporting into the central server at NASCOP
– Capability of tracking & performing surveillance of KP to health facilities
– Quick response of linkage to care and treatment
– M&E Data based on specific tool over the lifetime of the treatment.


Follow up on previous implementations at the facility to help strengthen the usability of the system across all selected key populations implementing partners.

1 Support the system to partners that the system has been rolled out to concentrating on the PEPFAR focus counties. Ongoing.
2 Train the NASCOP administrative and technical team on the system. to start December 2015.
3 Train the NASCOP implementing partners that manage the KP clinics on the system. to start December 2015.

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