Mobile application using SMS that helps health care works (HCW) report occupational injuries that would potentially expose them to HIV and other infectious disease. Upon the uptake of Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) treatments, the system would send them reminders and help in increasing uptake and thus increase adherence and maintain PEP compliance.


Increase national coverage and improve system functionality so as to be used by the public to report injuries

Measure Outcome

– Secure and confidential mode of PEP communication among HCW.
– Ability for HCW and caregivers to register to the system and report injuries.
– Provision of PEP knowledge and communication materials.
– Sending automatic reminders to affected HCW and PEP in-charge.
– Enabling affected HCW and caregivers to communicate on a needs basis.
– Providing a data management and reporting platform on PEP surveillance.


1 System enhancement for mPEP system. Completed.
2 Training of NASCOP team for administrative and technical maintenance of system. Completed.
3 Sensitization of county officials in the PEPFAR focus counties. Ongoing.
4 Facility staff training and capacity building. To be done.
5 Maintenance and support. Ongoing.

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