KEMSA e-mobile


In order to achieve VISION 2030 objectives, the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) has adopted technology to enable the authority improve service delivery and increase access to healthcare.
The KEMSA emobile is a national project that aims to support the public health facilities to enable them communicate with KEMSA electronically in a seamless manner.

This project is a Public Private Partnership between Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Foundation, mHealth Kenya and KEMSA. The other private sector partners are: Safaricom, who provided in-kind contributions and subsidized mobile network services; Fintech, the system developer responsible for the development, training, rollout and also provided in-kind contributions; Dazzle, whose private sector contribution was a new interactive website for KEMSA; and SafeMark that owns the Integrity System and provided in-kind contributions towards the project.
KEMSA emobile is a suite of applications that will revolutionize how KEMSA interacts with public health facilities. The application rides on the KEMSA Logistic Management Information System (LMIS) which is integrated in the ERP platform. This suite of applications will bring critical decision making data/information to the fingertips of those health facilities managers and stakeholders.
KEMSA emobile has been designed to serve 4 key constituents:

  1. Counties Public Health Facility Workers: The KEMSA emobile system introduces a cutting edge mobile application that allows health facilities and KEMSA customers to report their consumption and order supplies from a mobile phone. KEMSA developed this application with sensitivity to its wide range of customers and stakeholders. As such, this application is accessible through USSD, a basic GSM technology that works on any GSM device. This means that even low end phones such as the popular “Kabambe” or “Mulika Mwizi” can be used to access the system.
  2. County Health Management Teams: KEMSA emobile also includes a module designed to provide critical information to stakeholders about a health facility. This includes Health workers and Hospital officials who ordinarily do not need access to the ordering system, but need important data such as Drawing rights balances, facility stock levels, and consumption levels. This module will serve “health committee”, health managers in facilities, doctors, nurses and other key stakeholders
  3. Partners in the Health Sector: Various health sector partners including Ministry of Health departmental staff, donors, facility support partners will have access to relevant information at facility level and national level to facilitate decision making.
  4. Kenyan Citizens. The most revolutionary module of this application introduces new transparency and integrity features that enable the public to engage with KEMSA. The modules include:

a. Integrity reporting: This module is available immediately and allows the public to anonymously report on suspicious activities relating to the supply, stocking of drugs at health facility. This allows members of the public to blow the whistle where drugs are being sold or redirected from public health facilities to private hands for profit.

b. Querying drug availability: This module, available later, enables the public to check whether specific drugs are available in their nearest health facility. For example, a patient under TB medication can check whether their nearest facility has been supplied with a specific drug. This will save them the effort and cost of traveling to the facility only to find the drug is not yet in stock. This will apply to key drugs especially for non-communicable diseases and terminal illnesses.

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